Enjoy your holidays with daily care of dialysis
Enjoy your holidays with daily care of dialysis

Rhodes, known as “the Island of the Sun” most of the tourists’ reviews regard it as a pleasant getaway, perfect for the whole family! A place where tourists almost outnumber the locals in high summer, and flock here for the golden sandy beaches and the historical and medieval sites. 

If a kidney disease cause you feel unsuitable to travel any other places. It may be true but would not be overall. Pay just a while to learn the facility of Helionephro Dialysis Centre which is just 450 meters from Stavros Melathron Studios. You shall be encouraged to visit and enjoy relaxing and traveling through Rhodes island.

Helionephro Dialysis Centre provides hemodialysis procedure that cleans and filters the blood from individuals whose kidneys have failed. Meanwhile Stavros Melathron Studios provides a comfortable, clean and safe environment for patients and their families. Let’s enjoy your holiday and enjoy your dialysis with us.


6 km away from the city of Rhodes, in a stress-free atmosphere the Helionephro Dialysis Centre welcomes you every day of the Year.

The Helionephro Dialysis Centre has:

  • A surface area of 900 m2 dedicated to your care.
  • A hemodialysis facility with a capacity of 28 stations.
  • The ability to admit 28 patients per shift who will be welcomed by our experienced and polyglot staff (Greek, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian).
  • The Unit is functioning with the latest models of dialysis machines that can provide all types of modern dialysis (classic hemodialysis, hemofiltration, On-line hemodiafiltration etc).
  • The water treatment plant is containing double reverse osmosis systems, UV antibacterial lamps and the water is tested constantly according to the international standards.
  • There is a closet, a telephone set, Television and internet access for each dialysis station.

For more information and special rates contact us or Helionphro Dialysis Centre.


6th km, Rhodes-Kalithea, 85100 RHODES - GREECE
Tel. 0030-22410 03 300 Fax 0030-22410 03 301 www.helionephro.com e-mail contact@helionephro.co

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